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SCM Globe complements any supply chain or logistics course from beginner to advanced levels.

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Accurately model and simulate real supply chains anywhere in the world


"In a 30 day intensive supply chain and logistics seminar, student teams from around the world applied supply chain principles from their readings and lectures to solve real supply chain problems encountered in the SCM Globe simulations. SCM Globe integrated theory and practice and students found the experience engaging and enlightening."

- Tony Craig, Ph.D.,
MIT - Ctr. for Transportation & Logistics

"Based on your simulation model, the students learned how a supply chain actually operates. By far, the SCM Globe simulations made the course interesting and insightful. I can try and explain how a supply chain works, but to have the students actually see it happening on the computer was very educational."

- Douglas Langs, Instructor
Business and Computer Technology Division
Henry Ford College, Dearborn MI

"SCM Globe is a very engaging simulation tool for students to learn the basics surrounding supply chain management. The tool provides a "real world" simulated environment in which various case scenarios allow students to apply the theories and concepts which they have learned in the classroom. The tool really enhances the learning experience."

- Freda Powell-Bell PhD
Program Director ASCM University of Maryland University College - Graduate School

"When visiting a company the students realized that, what they thought was play, was the daily life of a SCM professional."

- Claus Bang Olsen
Assistant Professor
Dania, Danish Academy of Business and Technology